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Where's the best place to record a podcast?

Podcasting is booming. More and more of us are seeking out the most interesting, inspiring and entertaining stories from a variety of sources and styles. But if you’re planning to start recording your own podcast, you’ll need to consider one of the most important elements for success — the recording environment.

The best podcast recording environment starts with the acoustics. It’s critical that there is little to no reverberating sounds in the space. You don’t want too many echoes, as it’s very distracting. If you are recording interviews, it’s important that both parties are able to hear one another clearly without having to strain. Ideally, you should find a space that has sound dampening materials outfitted, such as thick curtains, carpet and furniture.

In addition to acoustics, it’s also important to consider what type of lighting, seating and equipment is available in the space.

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