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Peter Cimoroni

Peter Cimoroni

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Peter is a wrestling coach of the highest caliber for over 30 years. His unique method of coaching, conveying technique, and skills make him extremely valuable to any program. His ability to connect with athletes and help them reach their full potential is unparalleled.

​"We are blood. Love to all!"

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Blood Time
Peter "Coach" Cimoroni

The podcast that speaks to the blood ties that are created between athlete and Coach at the high school and collegiate level. What did those athletes do with that creation of family through their careers? You’re gonna hear the stories first, here on Blood Time!

Listen: Blood Time
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Coach Cimoroni's Undeniable

A Blood Time Podcast Special Feature

The highest achieving businessperson were not born remarkable. Rather, each came from a specific set of circumstances or people that “coached” them to the top.


In this podcast, Coach Cimoroni reveals the undeniable truths of what it takes to be a successful businessman.


You’ll hear stories from the legends themselves and

experience the truth that is truly undeniable.

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