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Gila Ross

Gila Ross

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Rebbetzen Gila’s vibrant, positive and relatable style make her a well-sought after and much loved educator.

She has a passion for sharing the joy and relevance of Judaism and for positive parenting. Her Power Up! podcast has several weekly episodes and was listed in a Top 20 of Jewish podcasts worldwide, allowing listeners to access her wisdom and inspiration in their own time.

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Power Up!
Gila Ross

Gila Ross shares short Jewish ideas from the Torah that pack a punch in this exciting podcast that has been named in the top 20 Jewish podcasts worldwide! Gila is a mum to 8 kiddos and a warm, dynamic and down to earth educator for more than 15 years! The podcast contains a series on the complete Pirkei Avot - timeless wisdom for modern times each episode just a few minutes to listen to at your convenience, positive parenting in just 20 minutes, morning mindfulness & spiritual Judaism. Subscribe so you don't miss out!

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