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maverick mondays podcast recording session
Maverick Peters

Maverick Peters

"I've had the incredible opportunity to sit down and speak with some of the most amazing people!"

​Maverick Peters is a veteran podcaster. His goals and visions for the podcast far exceed the boundaries of our studio as he intends to make real, positive change in people's lives.


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Maverick Mondays
Maverick Peters

Let’s face it most of us dread Mondays, and for a good reason too! Transitioning back from the leisure of the weekend to the daily grind of Monday can be downright depressing. This podcast will provide an opportunity that will change everything!

Hosted by a sensational young host, this show will give you fresh, open-minded, and down-to-earth discussion covering a large variety of subjects all aimed at helping you grow and strengthen yourself.


Maverick's Torah Podcast

The #1 Torah Podcast of All Time!

Always taking information a step further, show host and veteran podcaster, Maverick Peters is teaming up with the biggest names in present day Judaism, to bring us the undeniable wisdom of the Torah first-hand. He’s ensuring the guests featured throughout the podcast are challenged with the questions that need answers, on topics that need to be heard.

Listen to it all right here, on Maverick’s Torah Podcast!

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