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Apple Podcasts

As the world moves forward with technology, it is difficult to ignore the impact Apple Podcasts has had in popularizing audio streaming and subscriptions worldwide. Podcasts have become increasingly popular since the mid-2010s, but Apple has done its part to go beyond providing a platform to host audio content and stream it directly to users. Apple Podcasts has provided an easy to use interface for subscribers to explore over 700,000 shows, built a powerful suite of analytics and podcast discovery features, and integrated podcasting with popular services like iCloud and Apple Music.

Most notably, Apple Podcasts has made it easier for listeners to discover new content. Through explore features like “Browse” and “Top Charts”, Apple Podcasts has made it possible for subscribers to learn about new shows as well as featured specials, such as 20-minute podcasts with interviews and new episodes. When users search for a keyword or topic, the system will show them podcasts relevant to the query.

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