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Recording your podcast intro

Recording a podcast intro is an important part of any podcast. It serves to identify the podcast and introduce the topic to listeners. To record an impactful intro, you need to think carefully about the content and the production elements you’ll use. Here are a 2 tips on how to record the perfect podcast intro.

1. Get Scripted

It is essential to get your intro right and that means you need to write down exactly what you’re going to say in your intro. Write down what topics you’re going to cover in the podcast, the message you want your audience to take away, any introduction to your guests or hosts, and what will come next.

2. Set the Tone

You also need to decide on the tone of your podcast. Is it a light-hearted podcast or an in-depth podcast? Will you be incorporating humor or will you be more serious? Make sure to use the tone you want to help listeners prepare for what they're about to listen to.

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