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Gila Ross shares short Jewish ideas from the Torah that pack a punch in this exciting podcast! Gila is a mum to 8 kiddos and a warm, dynamic and down to earth educator for more than 15 years! The latest project - the Perek Project that the podcast will complete Pirkei Avot - timeless wisdom for modern times in just a few minutes a week to listen to at your convenience. In addition, Gila and Rabbi Samuel share positive parenting insights once a week and there is a longer weekly episode with relevant Jewish values.

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Making Change Stick

Have you ever wanted to change something and then not managed to? Here about the crazy dilemma of the person who underwent tzaraat - leprosy and hear how it can help us make changes stick in our lives. (Metzora)


Chosing Right Over Easy with Yaffa Palti

You can't help but love Yaffa! Her joy, her humour, her sincerity draws you in. Originally from New York to Israel to Mexico City to San Diego and now Miami, in this inspiring episode Yaffa shares her story and how she came to choose right over easy, again and again. And in telling her story she leaves us inspired to also choose right over easy and become the best version of ourselves.


The World to Come & Me 

Introduction to the pirkei avot project: why should I care about details and what should I take pride in.

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Rebbetzen Gila’s vibrant, positive and relatable style make her a well-sought after and much loved educator.

She has a passion for sharing the joy and relevance of Judaism and for positive parenting. Her Power Up! podcast has several weekly episodes and was listed in a Top 20 of Jewish podcasts worldwide, allowing listeners to access her wisdom and inspiration in their own time.