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What is audio editing?

Audio editing is likely the most challenging, yet important, step of creating a podcast. It can be a bit of a daunting task for those who are unfamiliar with the process, but fear not! With these steps, you will be able to produce a high quality podcast in no time.

Step 1: Record Audio

Before any editing can be done, the podcast must be recorded. Be sure to use quality equipment when recording and to minimize external noises, such as keyboard typing and shuffling of papers.

Step 2: Level Tracks

Once the audio is recorded, you’ll want to adjust the levels of the track so that no two clips are too different in terms of overall volume. This can be done by using a compressor, a limiter, or a leveler.

Step 3: Edit Out Mistakes

Nobody’s perfect, and your podcast will likely have mistakes that need to be edited out. This is done most easily with a free software.

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