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What is an audio engineer?

Are you curious about what audio engineers do? Audio engineers work behind the scenes in the music, radio, TV, and film industries. They are responsible for recording, mixing, and mastering soundtracks to make sure that the sound is of high quality.

An audio engineer is someone who specializes in manipulating and repairing sound recordings. Audio engineers record, edit, and mix audio for films, television shows, music recordings, live performances, and more. Audio engineers are also responsible for setting up and maintaining sound systems for any type of recording or live performance.

Audio engineering involves various disciplines such as acoustics, electronics, digital audio editing and processing, signal analysis and synthesis, recording techniques, and more. Audio engineers must have a thorough understanding of acoustics, sound, studio equipment, and techniques used to record, mix and master audio.

Audio engineers often work with a range of devices that they must master in order to produce a quality sound.

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