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How Much Does It Cost To Start A Podcast?

This is a very important question as starting a podcast happens to have some hidden costs. We will delve deeper into this subject in later posts. However, LIVE360 created a simple cost breakdown and price comparison between low and high end podcast production.


The Necessities:

  • Computer: Low: $200 vs. High: $2,000

  • Recording and Editing Software: Low: Free vs. High: $200

  • Microphone: Low: $50 vs. High: $400

  • Headphones: Low: $40 vs. High: $400

The Extras:

  • Pop Filter/Wind Screen: Low: $15 vs. High: $55

  • Audio Interface: Low: $80 vs. High: $300

  • Mixer: Low: $100 vs. High: $200

  • Headphone Amplifier: Low: $25 vs. High: $300

  • Microphone Boom Arm/Mic Stand: Low: $15 vs. High: $90

  • Shock Mount: Low: $40 vs. High: $60

  • Cables: Low: $50 vs. High: $100

  • Acoustic Treatment: Low: $20 vs. High: $50

  • Computer Monitor: Low: $70 vs. High: $330

Total Cost for Necessities Only:

  • Low: $290 vs. High: $3,000

Total Cost for Necessities With Extras:

  • Low: $705 vs. High: $4,485

Note that these total costs include a computer. If you already have a computer that you can use, then your start-up costs will largely go down. Also, these total costs are assuming that you would buy every piece of equipment listed, which is unlikely necessary for you based on the equipment you already have as well as your personal needs.


  • Podcast Hosting Service Monthly Plan: Low: $5/month vs. High: $100/month

Total Recurring Cost:

  • Low: $5/month vs. High: $100/month

Additional Costs:

  • Cover Art: Low: Free vs. High: $300

  • Intro: Low: Free vs. High: $200

  • Music: Low: Free vs. High: $200

Total Additional Costs:

Low: $0 vs. High: $700

Grand Totals:

One-Time Start-Up Cost:

  • Necessities Only & Additional Costs: Low: $290 vs. High: $3,700

  • Necessities with Extras & Additional Costs: Low: $705 vs. High: $5,185

Again, please note that these total costs include a computer. If you already have a computer that you can use, then your start-up costs will largely go down. Also, these total costs are assuming that you would buy every piece of equipment listed, which is unlikely necessary for you based on the equipment you already have as well as your personal needs.

Total Recurring Costs:

  • Low: $5/month vs. High: $100/month

As you can see, there is really no clear answer as to what it will cost to start your podcast. Generally speaking though, you can expect to pay $200-$500 for a good quality podcast. On the extreme ends, you can start a decent podcast for around $100 and for the best of the best, most professional podcast possible, you can expect to dish out around $5,000.

Keep in mind that you can truly create a podcast with almost any budget. A lot of the time, you already have the equipment you need to start recording, such as a computer, headphones with a microphone, and recording software available on your computer. Of course, equipment you have laying around or a low budget might mean that you have to skip out on some quality. However, you can always work towards a higher quality podcast by slowly adding equipment to your podcast setup to improve the quality. So, don't let the costs of podcasting impact your decision for starting a podcast because podcasting is a process of constant improvement, so you have to start somewhere!

At the Maverick Podcasting Network we try our best to making the process easy and fun! We guide you through the challenges, that are inevitable when starting a podcast and make it our mission to help you saving you time, money, and effort!

Maverick Podcasting Network Packages and Plans

Our current packages and plans include:

Production A - $100/episode

This package is our podcast production plan.

You have access to our studio and office (by appointment only). Our state-of-the art professional equipment is ready and waiting to bring your creativity to the masses.

Our experienced team of audio technicians in post production review, revise, and enhance your audio file. Your episodes are published when you give us to green light!

Production B -$250/episode

Just like Package A, you'll get the full podcast production from soup to nuts. Package B offers you the access of our talented and passionate producer, Maverick Peters.

Maverick will treat your podcast like one of his own. He'll set aside time to sit with you before each recording session to help you organize your thoughts and layout that session's agenda. In post production Maverick will personally make sure he loves what he hears. You'll have access to his personal expertise and years of podcasting experience.

Podcast Consultation -$100

Do you have a bunch of cool ideas for a podcast but have no idea where to start?

Bring your creativity to MPN and let us do all the dirty work for you. With our comprehensive consultation, we take your genius and create the ground works for a masterpiece!

After your consultation (whether in-person or after downloading and sending back), you'll be provided with a summary and "Results Report". Your "Results Report" is the best and most recommended plan-of-action for you to start your podcast and find the most success with you podcast. Hard stuff....done!

Here's the cool part, love how the results came out but don't want to be apart of MPN? No worries! Your report is yours to start it how you'd like!

Media Blitz -$199

Its important to have an active presence on social media nowadays. The tedious posting, liking, commenting, and sharing is enough to make you crazy! We get it.

Consider our MEDIA BLITZ package as a one-time purchase.

In it we provide:

-Creative artwork

-Trailer for your show

-Distribution on all listening platforms

-Mention on each of the existing MPN podcasts.


-Video promotions

-Instagram page

-Facebook page

-Facebook group

-Twitter Account

-YouTube Channel

-Subscriber Email Newsletter

All of that for just $199. No future commitments or hidden fees. One and done and your podcast is live with a social media presence.

Want more? Get all that, every month!!!! We'll manage your social media accounts and distribute regular email newsletters to all of your subscribers. This re-occurring version is $150/mo.

MPN Special -$20/mo or $200/yr

Have your podcast featured on our website! Each of our podcast shows will routinely give you and your show a shoutout. Associate with the Mavericks of podcasting!

Custom Package

Got podcast/audio project needs but can't seem to find the best set of services for you? ​We wanna help! With our resources and your genius, the potential is limitless! Let's talk!

I hope this information is helpful! If you'd like to learn more about this topic or if you'd like to request an article on a specific podcast related topic, CLICK HERE!

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All the best and happy podcasting!

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