Let’s face it, most of us dread Mondays! And for a good reason too! Transitioning back from the leisure of the weekend to the daily grind of Monday can be downright depressing. This podcast will provide an opportunity that will change everything!

Hand-selected guests will break us away from conventional thought and wisdom as we hear from some of the greatest thinkers and achievers from all different walks of life. We’ll discuss how they reached their heights and what lies at the source of their success so we too can benefit from them.

“Maverick Mondays” will change your life! One episode at a time, you will see the incredible opportunities each Monday has to offer and how to best utilize them!

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"I've had the incredible opportunity to sit down and speak with some of the most amazing people!"

​Maverick's goals and visions for the podcast far exceed the boundaries of our studio as he intends to make real, positive change in people's lives.

Maverick Peters

Producer, Host

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